solar electric services

why choose solar?

As we all know, the sun is what makes life possible on earth. Without the energy that the sun sheds on our planet everyday life would not be sustainable. Even fossil fuels come from plants which grew with sunlight, millions of years ago.

Solar power is the obvious answer to our energy needs; after all it is a renewable resource which means we can not deplete it. Solar systems produce absolutely no emissions or pollution and they don't require any fuel to produce power. All it takes is the initial startup investment and sunlight; most systems pay themselves off within the first few years through the savings they provide and then they provide free energy for up to 30 years and in many cases more.

Even though money is important and many of our decisions are driven by financial reasons, we can't overlook the fact that doing the right thing feels good. Solar power reduces your carbon footprint dramatically; it helps us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.

To make solar power more attractive, a solar system increases the value of your home and the government would not tax your property on the increase in value so you would be building free equity in your home. At the same time your home would become more attractive to potential buyers, all while you would lower your energy bills, reduce your negative impact on the environment and hedge yourself against future energy rate hikes.

Solar Electric FAQs

Q Does solar work?
A Yes, with recent advances made in the photovoltaic's field solar power has become an efficient way to produce electricity.

Q Is solar power expensive?
A No, solar power is affordable and priced competitively to traditional energy resources. There's a common misconception because traditionally, solar power generation was not cost efficient. However, with advances made in the Photo Voltaic (PV) field in the past few years coupled with many government rebates and financial incentives solar makes sense financially.

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solar overview

As our concerns about the future, health of our planet and security of the worlds energy supply are increasingly growing, renewable sources such as solar power are becoming the clear, intelligent and economic choice.

Humans have been using sunlight for thousands of years but, photovoltaic's better known as solar power, has been around for approximately five decades, however until recently it has not been a financially viable way to produce energy. Fortunately, with some advances in the technology used in this field, coupled with a push by the government through incentive programs have made solar power generation a financially viable alternative to traditional non renewable energy.

Solar power isn't only abundant and practically infinite but it's also free. All we need is to make the initial investment in a photovoltaic (solar power) system and it will pay its self off within a few years and then provide a considerable return on investment for up to 30 years. Talk about a smart deal, this is a risk free investment that you will be heard pressed to find anywhere else.

Solar power is the smart alternative because it is a great way to reduce energy bills and it also reduces dependence on fossil fuels, foreign oil, as well as your carbon footprint.

Rebate & Incentive Information

Federal and state level tax rebates and incentives can reduce your cost of a solar power system by up to 50%. It is very important to understand this when considering a solar power system because it changes the economics in your favor in a big way. These rebates and incentives have been created to jumpstart the solar and renewable energy industry.

A common concern is: "what if I buy a PV system today and the price of solar goes down in the near future?" The price of solar technology and every other technology for that matter always goes down as time passes, however the rebates will be adjusted to reflect the cheaper pricing. So at the end of the day the consumer is looking at a net zero change in price, however installing early means you start saving on energy costs early.

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