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Green Energy Consulting Overview

Energy consulting and auditing is taking a close look at your energy consumption to identify where you are using energy inefficiently and where you are losing energy. By conducting an energy audit and consultation one can actively identify and pinpoint where improvements can be made in order to become more efficient. This is often the first step in becoming green or more energy efficient.

An energy audit usually involves one of our green energy consultants having a walk through your home to get an idea of how your energy is being used. This is the initial step because it gives us the insight needed in order to better understand your individual needs and concerns; it helps us get a clear picture of what is important to you and your lifestyle.

During the initial consultation we ask you key questions that are designed to further illustrate to us how we can best help you. We also ask questions that are geared to help identify what you goals and objectives may be. This is a vital step because needs and wants vary greatly based on the individual, business, and a multitude of different variables. For example, some customers aren't concerned with money, but rather more concerned with becoming as green as possible. Others are more concerned with the simple economics of energy conservation, and if becoming green is a byproduct then that's fine also. But clearly one can see how different customers' needs and goals can vary greatly and also change how we would approach designing their individual solutions.

Green Energy Overview

Why get an energy audit and consultation?

As our concerns about the future, health of our planet and security of the worlds energy supply are increasingly growing, renewable sources such as solar power are becoming the clear, intelligent and economic choice.

Humans have been using sunlight for thousands of years but, photovoltaic's better known as solar power, has been around for approximately five decades, however until recently it has not been a financially viable way to produce energy. Fortunately, with some advances in the technology used in this field, coupled with a push by the government through incentive programs have made solar power generation a financially viable alternative to traditional non renewable energy.

Solar power isn't only abundant and practically infinite but it's also free. All we need is to make the initial investment in a photovoltaic (solar power) system and it will pay its self off within a few years and then provide a considerable return on investment for up to 30 years. Talk about a smart deal, this is a risk free investment that you will be heard pressed to find anywhere else.

Solar power is the smart alternative because it is a great way to reduce energy bills and it also reduces dependence on fossil fuels, foreign oil, as well as your carbon footprint.

Green Consulting FAQs

Q Does energy consulting and auditing work and is it worth it?
A Yes, it is a crucial and important first step in becoming green. It gives people an idea of what they are consuming and how they can improve their consumption, by painting a clear picture of their energy usage. It is a very important first step to mapping out a plan to become green.

Q What is the next step after an energy audit and consultation?
A The most common second step to a green energy consultation is retrofitting. Retrofitting is often the most cost efficient way to make small changes which add up to make a big difference.

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