Green and Solar Works is a Green Energy Consulting and Solar Installation company. We take our passion along with expertise and focus it to specialize in helping home owners save money while becoming planet friendly. It's a "win-win," save money and protect the environment. This website is intended to introduce our company to you and serve as an educational resource to help familiarize people with the whole "green" movement.

In these troubled financial times we all need to take advantage of every opportunity to save money and cut down on our expenses without sacrificing quality of life. This is why now is a great time to invest in energy efficient technologies, and take advantage of the many state and federal level government incentives and tax breaks. These incentives have been created to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and to help protect the environment, all by making new energy-efficient technologies affordable and the smarter choice over traditional energy.

mission statement

Our mission is to help our customers save money by becoming more energy efficient through the implementation of new technology and means of renewable energy. Green and Solar Works, is always committed to delivering the highest quality green solutions for your home. We are driven by the passion and love we have for our planet; as your personal guide in the "getting green" process, we vow that all of our solutions will keep your best interests and the environment at heart.

about us

Green and Solar Works is a complete solutions green company, which means that we will take care of everything involved in making your home green. From concept, sales, design, government rebates and tax incentives to installation and maintenance. GSW will not only offer green products and services, but will be a green company from within because we believe in doing our part in saving/helping the environment.

Because the term "green" means different things to different people we take a personalized approach while designing your green plan. This means that we start the process by evaluating your personal lifestyle and day to day needs, and design a plan that fits you.